Ornamental Tree For ID : California : 07JAN15 : AK-7 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Ornamental tree seen in Fremont on 28/9/14.
Seems to be a Yucca Species.

tree dracena or dragon tree. looks spectacular if by itself..

Bot. names pl., if possible.

its any body’s guess to name something photographed in a hurry and not totally…

here I’m not sure if its a one stem coming out of the ground and then dividing or several branching individuals planted close by…

individual tuft looks like the familiar houseplant we have all have had in our homes or seen it in nurseries… dracena marginata… or d. madagascar
but if allowed to grow in the ground or a la..a..arge tub and given freedom to grow..it would branch and may be look like this. I have had some that branched two or three times during the hottest of the summers… then fell over and died during hurricane aila …

the d. cinnabari and c. draco when fully grown, each gets a broccoli like head full of these tufts but has a tight branching pattern and one stem… googling gets one the pictures..

so there is my input…
this plant looks like its filling a space in a garden where there is something to hide .. like garbage dump perhaps?… see the brown boundary wall section…?

beyond this … anybody’s guess

and another thing..

if tis a yucca… it could be a yucca elephantipes… again the base would be important to see

what is in its favor is the prominent leaf scars … but… its obviously a tended garden .. see the hedge that has been neatly sculpted..

that’s where I am

Dragon tree… and let it go at that..
untill … or someone else goes there and talks to the gardener..



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