Ranunculaceae fortnight Statistics: 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

I have compiled all the posts during the Ranunculaceae fortnight in an excel sheet.
Total 82 plants were discussed.
Major genera were from:
Clematis 16
Anemone 14
Thalictrum 11
Ranunculus 10
Delphinium 8

Oxygraphis Paraquilegia Pulsatilla Ranunculus
Oxygraphis polypetala Paraquilegia gangotriana Ranunculus asiaticus
Oxygraphis endlicheri Ranunculus hirtellus
Ranunculus diffusus
Ranunculus laetus
Ranunculus arvensis
Ranuculus sceleratus
Ranunculus californicus
Ranunculus distans
Ranunculus muricatus
Ranunculus trichophyllus
Thalictrum Trollius
Thalictrum dalzellii Trollius acaulis
Thalictrum foliolosum
Thalictrum elegans
Thalictrum cultratum
Thalictrum dalzellii
Thalictrum punduanum Wallich var.
Thalictrum minus
Ranunculus trichophyllus
Thalictrum flavum
Thalictrum alpinum
Thalictrum secundum