Lamprachaenium microcephalum Benth., Gen. Pl. (Bentham & Hooker f.) ii. 226 (1873). ii. 226 1873. ;

Benth. in Gen. Plant, ii. 225. Decaneuron microcephalum, Dalz. in Hook. Kew Journ, iii. 231 ; Dalz. & Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 122 ; Clarke Comp. Ind. 5.  

The CONCAN ; at Parwar Ghat, Bombay, Gibson, Dalzell. Habit, pubescence and foliage of Centratherum tenue 
Stem 1-2 ft., simple or branched from the base, glabrous hairy or glandular. Leaves petioled, 2-4 in., hairy above, white-tomentose beneath. Heads 1/4-1/3 in. diam ; peduncles slender, hispid or glabrate ; invol. bracts acute, ciliate, none leafy, erect or recurved. Achenes 1/12 in. ; pappus reddish, equalling the corolla-tube.  
(From The Flora of British India (1881) from IBIS Flora)