Ornithidium donaldeedodii Ackerman & Whitten, Lankesteriana 9: 509 2010. (Syn: Maxillaria donaldeedodii (Ackerman & Whitten) Christenson);




This interesting orchid was discovered and described in 2010, although it was growing in University of California Botanical Garden, mislabelled as Maxillaria croceorubens since early 1990s, having been collected from Haiti in 1980s. The true identity was discovered only after the orchid first flowered in 2009.
Perhaps … will be able to throw more light on this.
I happened to stumble upon this interesting orchid when I was processing my photographs from California.

This is really interesting.

Yes it was an interesting discovery and very nicely written too.
Please check the acknowledgement section of this article 🙂
This is one of the examples where DNA studies revealed the secret and based on that this new species was described.
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Thanks a lot … for this useful paper.

neat flower
nice paper and very funny acknowledgement
no wonder they are at UC berkeley, love em…

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