Solanum pseudocapsicum var. diflorum (Vell.) Bitter, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 54(5): 498 1917. (Syn: Solanum capsicastrum Link ex Schauer; Solanum dunnianum H. Lév.);


Please find Solanum pseudocapsicum L. var. diflorum (Vellozo) Bitter.
S. pseudocapsicum var. diflorum can be distinguished by the conspicuous puberulent dendritic hairs and ca. 2 mm long anthers against the glabrous stem, leaves and short anthers of S. pseudocapsicum var. pseudocapsicum, which is very common in the High Ranges. S. pseudocapsicum var. diflorum is grown in homesteads and the fruits are used as tomato.


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