magna (Lour.) DC., Prodr. 1:243. 1824 (Syn: (≡) Capparis magna Lour. (basionym); (=) Crateva nurvala Buch.-Ham.;                       C. lophospemla Kurz; C. religiosa var. nurvala (Buch.-Ham.) Hook. f. & Thomoson; C. religiosa auct. non Forster f.; Dunn in Gamble);  


ANFEB19 Crateva magna (Please validate) : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (9)
Family: Capparaceae
Date: 7th February 2015
Place: Amruth Herbal Gardens, FRLHT, Bangalore
Habit: Shrub/Habit

There is a lot of confusion w.r.t. the taxonomy of Crateva (Pl. see the link: Crateva adansonii subsp. odora).
There are lot of confusion/ doubts about status of Crateva magna in India.

I think we need to update our database of Crateva in accordance with FoC, bypassing TPL or GRIN if necessary. 
With rare exception I like to follow FoC very much (I learned that from …). They provide KEY, description, illustration and very importantly distribution across the world. Unfortunately, I need help of FoC even to know which species do we have in India. 
I agree with your ID provided statistics satisfy FoC description – 
Resembles to Crateva magna

Thank you for forwarding, … I agree with … on this.

Thank you very much. It is a wonder that so many genera and species in India are still untouched! Speaks about the potential for a career in plant taxonomy. 🙂




ANAPR31 Crateva magna (Lour.) DC. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (11)
Family: Capparaceae
Date: March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Riparian



VALMIKI : OBSERVER OF NATURE: Attaching two images of VARUNA, as mentioned by Valmiki in his Ramayan. This tree is known as Crataeva religiosa in scientific language. 

Pl. check with Crateva magna (Lour.) DC. as per images herein & as per keys & distribution at BSI (eFlora of India) with details & keys
There seems to be no distribution of C. religiosa G.Forst. in west Bengal

Thank you very much for the input.

However as per  “OUR TREE NEIGHBOURS ” by Chakravarti S. Venkatesh (NCERT Publication)
Crateva nurvala syn. Crateva religiosa occurs throughout India.”

Thanks, … There has been lot of confusion in this genera. Hopefully we are able to remove it in time to come.



ID please of Crataeva : 3 posts by 2 authors. 1 image.
Is the following Crataeva Adansonii?
Not my picture, it is by blog writer Lonely Traveller 

Seems correct.
Which place and when?  Photos of this article were taken from Bangladesh as mentioned below.-
   03 March 2015: Botanical garden, Mirpur, Dhaka (মিরপুর, ঢাকা).
   It was near the western wall of the premise (beside a pond).
   The GPS coordinate is (23°49’20.98″N, 90°20’42.19″E).

Fwd: Cretaeva magna : 3 posts by 1 author.
After searching for over five years, we managed to get two saplings of Cretaeva magna. Can we plant them by the edge of our lake? The saplings are still quite small. Can they be planted now itself or do we need to wait till they are taller? If so, how tall?

Please mention the size of the sapling & its age. Please send a photograph of the sapling as well so that proper suggestion can be made. 

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