Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume, Bijdr. 808 1826. (Syn: Clerodendrum ellipticum Zipp. ex Span.; Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D.Don [Illegitimate]; Clerodendrum wallichii Merr.);

Images by Dinesh Valke & (Aarti Khale – validation by Varun Sharma), (For
more photos & complete details, click on the links, (inserted by Bhagyashri


Distribution: Pakistan to Pen. Malaysia, Jawa to Lesser Sunda Is. (WCSP
along National Highway No. 4A between Khanapur & Anmod

Date: 29 MAY 2011 Altitude: about 650 m asl
Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume (family: Lamiaceae)

Crispy pictures




Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume  … syn. Clerodendrum wallichii Merr. … also placed in Verbenaceae
some house garden in Anmod on May 29, 2011 


Clerodendrum vine seen at the Lalbagh Nursery.

Clerodendrum wallichii?

efi page on Clerodendrum wallichii 

Came across … picture of Clerodendrum schmidtii on FOI. 
My plant looks more like it as it has red stalks.
Requesting … to kindly validate 

This should be Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume (=C. wallichii Merr.)
1. Clerodendrum schmidtii differs from most other Clerodendrum species in being coarse to touch on the leaf surfaces, a cordate to auriculate leaf base, pendulous inflorescence and calyx covered with hairs on both surfaces.
Images have smooth, glabrous and shining inflorescence, and leaf bases are not cordate. 
2. This species is much more similar to C. nutans but differs in having an ovate or ovate-lanceolate shaped calyx lobe (more than 3 mm wide vs. 1–2.6 mm wide).
3. While, Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex Jack is also a legitimate species.



Fwd: Clerodendrum for id? : 3 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)- 2 Mb or more. 
Clerodendrum for id?


Attachments (1)- 4 MB. 

I think close to images at Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume





Collected in B’lore, India (mixed thread): 21 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (1)- only one image of this species. 

Can someone please help with ID of following flowers? 
These were collected in B’lore, India. 

Clerodendrum wallichii 

I guess it is matching.

I think close to Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume rather than those at Clerodendrum wallichii Merr.




Images by (Ranjini Kamath – Id by Anil Rajbhar) & (Satish – Id by Prashant Awale), (For more photos & complete details, click on the links, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)




14-11-2008 / 10:10AM: On the way to Double Decker living Root bridge near Nonigrat Village, Cherapunjee, Meghalaya; Clerodendrum wallichii -020510-PKA3 – efloraofindia | Google Groups Clerodendrum nutans – efloraofindia | Google Groups Clerodendrum nutans – efloraofindia | Google Groups



Clerodendrum for ID : 060111 : AK-3: Again at the Royal Botanic Garden at Peradeniya, Sri Lanka on the 17th
of Nov,2010.




Shrub for ID – 211012 – RK: I was very intrigued by this unusual plant. Request ID . Pics taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore on 14/10/12 at 10am.

Clerodendron sp

Its Clerodendrum nutans…….



ID is requested.  A shrub, flowers white, small fruits green-black with persistent red calyx.
Location Mount Slamet, ca 1000 m alt. Central Java.

Looks like Clerodendrum wallichii 

Pl follow this link
I hope my ID is correct.




Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae Week: Verbenaceae- Clerodendrum wallichii:  Clerodendrum wallichii from Forest of Sohra (Nonigrat), Cherapunjee. Bot. name: Clerodendrum wallichii
Family: Verbenaceae
Date/Time: 14-11-2008 / 10:10AM
Location: On the way to Double Decker living Root bridge near Nonigrat Village, Cherapunjee, Meghalaya, Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Climbing Shrub


LAMIACEAE: Rhododendron wallichii Merr. [from Hong Kong]: Clerodendrum wallichii Merr. J. Arnold Arbor. 33: 220 (1952).
Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D.Don Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 103 (1825) nom. illeg.
Clerodendrum penduliflorum Wall. ex Schauer Prodr. 11: 664 (1847).
Photographed inside KFBG campus, Hong Kong.

Flower plant ID: Q4:    Can anyone ID this plant? This flowers during the cooler winter season in Bangalore. Needs dappled light and cannot take direct sun as the leaves burn (early morning and evening sunlight is OK). The buds are a bigger highlight of this plant like little Chinese lanterns.

Check for Clerodendrum sp. (Family: Verbenaceae ).

… perhaps Clerodendrum wallichii Merr.

Thanks for the ID. It does look like: Clerodendrum wallichii Merrill. Search on Google revealed that it is also called as “Bridal veil” or “nodding Clerodendrumand is endemic to India and China.

Yes wallichii.



BND 74 12/11/14 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Please ID this small shrub with white flowers. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in March 2012.

Clerodendrum sp., most probably C. nutans.

Yes it is Clerodendrum nutans as suggested by …

Thanks, …
There appears to be some confusion w.r.t. its nomenclature.
WCSP gives the following:
1. Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D.Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal.: 103 (1825), nom. illeg. (syn. of Clerodendrum laevifolium Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind.: 808 (1826). )
2. Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex Jack, Malayan Misc. 1(1): 17 (1820) as an accepted name.  
GRIN (updated in 2014) have only Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D. Don (Prodr. fl. nepal. 103. 1825 (non Wall. ex Jack 1820)) as a syn. of Synonym of Clerodendrum wallichii Merr. 
FOC & FON only mention Clerodendrum nutans Wallich ex D. Don (1825), not Jack (1820) as a syn. of Clerodendrum wallichii Merrill 
Pl. clarify as to which one to follow. 

I think the correct name for this plant is Clerodendrum wallichii Merr. (= Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D.Don)

In this case of nomenclature issue one should be careful especially by considering the species distribution range, As mentioned by others, Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex D.Don, (1825), is an later homonym of Jack 1820, and became nom. illeg. Hence now it is placed as a synonym of C. wallichii Merr.
the other Malesian species,  Clerodendrum nutans Wall. ex Jack, probably not found in India, as in Rajendran & Daniel in their account of Indian Verbenaceae not included this species. For the former species (C. wallichii), according to these authors it is distributed in Peninsular India, Maharastra, Eastern and NE India.
If some one is identifying their specimens collected from India as C. nutans Wall. ex D.Don (based on literature/ comparing with old specimens) then he should treat it as C. Wallichii Merr.


BND 81 12/11/14 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).
Please ID this small shrub/climber with pendulous inflorescence and white flowers. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in March 2012.

Clerodendrum nutans



At the Royal Botanic Garden at Peradeniya, in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

A vine with white flowers.
I have only one picture.

Clerodendrum wallichii?

it does not vine. c w is a shrub. flowers look very different.

… has shown some i think this week

Probably it was not be a vine after all. I must have wrongly thought so. Should be a climbing shrub.

This is Clerodendrum nutans, common name Bridal Veil.

how do you know its clerodendrum nutans, bridal veil… for sure?

This straggling shrub was recorded from Botanical Garden of FRI, Dehradun..
Clerodendrum sp. or any other genus ??

I do not know this species.

eFI has threads claiming the first one above as a straggler/climber. But FoC informs the species is shrub or small tree. Though pics available looks a bit different.
I do not know if it can be any of the above or a third species. 
Attachments (2)

I am sure it is Clerodendrum only. Are the flowers scented ? How about Clerodendrum minahasse. I am unable to compare the characters from the  photographsPlease check at your end. 

Sir, Its Clerodendrum wallichiiBridal Veil



Clerodendron Species seen at the Conservatory.

Could be Clerodendrum wallichii?
Experts kindly confirm id.

I guess correct ID.

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