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I got few lessons, observing activities in different bird nests. I worked on bird nests of some 13 different bird species in last 10 years and so. It was a great education for me.Attaching an image of a Magpie Robin. The image is self explanatory. At a time when all the Indians are getting educated in sanitation, this image is appropriate.

your observation is correct and its true she is throwing it out of the nesting site but its going right at her door so to say… at the base of her tree..
we see this here in Kolkata every day..
people clean their houses and throw the garbage on the sidewalk just outside their home, for the cats, dogs, crows to pick on, and rag pickers to pick up the empty bags of plastic, spilling the junk on the pavement or the drain… thats’ not cleaning… that’s uncleaning
that’s being un-cilvil
all it takes is to keep a pail to throw the garbage in and then when the truck comes by to walk those few steps and give the pail to the guys to dump it in the truk … to be carted away to designated dump sites … some of us do it every day…or get a paid service to do it… and when thy dont show up we do it ourselves, and get stared at by these same women and men who say they are brahmins and have to keep themselves clean for puja etc .. how clean can they be if the flies that sit on their garbage on the sidewalk fly off into in to their kitchens and sit on their food… people who can not keep their own side walk clean can not keep their kitchens clean and free of flies… the social context has to change… from deep within

Very True … Nature is the best teacher…

Thanks … for this informative upload..