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Anmod Ghat NH4A descending from Anmod, Karnataka to Mollem, Goa

Date: 23 APR 2011 … Altitude: descends from about 640 m asl to 90 m asl

Genus ID please
Cannot recollect the dimensions; only these photos of leaf and fruit.
Will be glad to get ID to genus level

Difficult to guess.
May be Cassine glauca of Celastraceae.
Young leaves appears to have serrate margin.
I have seen many huge trees but cant remember fruits.
**In case of Cassine glauca, fruits are very hard, favorite fruit of giant squirrel.
Fallen fruits usually with a hole (opened by them to eat endosperm)
If we scratch bark, gives characteristic almond or phenolic smell.

efi page on Elaeodendron glaucum (syn: Cassine glauca (Rottb.) Kuntze) 

the fruits of Cassine glauca are very different than this.

I would think this to be Elaeodendron (Cassine in the sense of most users). But I cannot get closer to a species name. The fruit is possibly still young and may be much bigger than that of Elaeodendron glaucum (Cassine glauca).

Thank you very much … for resurfacing this query.
Many thanks to … for taking me closer to genus ID.
The photos are limited and do not show relevant aspects; will take it to be tentatively Elaeodendron.