Benth, in Pl. As. Rar. v. 2 (1831) p. 18. Annual ; stems many from a woody rootstock, slender, either diffuse, ascending, prostrate and rooting, or quite erect, glabrous or more or less hispid with weak deflexed hairs. Leaves in distant pairs, 1-2 by 1/3-3/4 in., subsessile, obovate-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, acute or subacute, shallowly serrate or distantly toothed, with a few hairs on both sides, base tapering. Flowers minute, in many-flowered close or distant whorls, in slender racemes 2-6 in. long ; bracts 1/8 in. long, thick, broadly ovate, acuminate, pubescent, gland-dotted ; pedicels usually longer than the calyx. Fruiting calyx 1/8 in. long, hairy outside and with a ring of hairs in the throat ; upper lip variable in size, oblong, subtruncate, mucronate ; lateral teeth triangular, acute ; the 2 lower teeth lanceolate, awned. Corolla pink or white, 1/8 in. long, hairy ; tube 1/16 in. long ; upper lip with 4 triangular teeth ; lower lip obovate, obtuse, rather longer than the upper. Stamens exserted. Nutlets 1/30 in. long, ellipsoid, compressed, smooth, brownish-black. Fl. B. 1. v. 4, p. 610 ; Grah. Cat. p. 148 ; Trim. Fl. Ceyl. v. 3, p. 368 ; Woodr. in Journ. Bomb. Nat. v. 12 (1899) p. 360 ; Prain, Beng. Pl. p. 845.

This is given on the authority of Graham (Cat. Bo. Pl. l. c.), who mentions its occurrence in the S. Konkan on the authority of Nimmo. I have seen no specimens from the Bombay Presidency ; there are none from that Presidency in Herb. Kew. Dalzell does not include it in his Bombay Flora, and Woodrow in his list of Bombay plants merely cites Nimmo. Tt occurs in S. India and is common in Ceylon.— Distrib. India (W. Peninsula) ; Ceylon.
(From The Flora of the Bombay Presidency (1903) from IBIS Flora)



Platostoma menthoides (L.) A.J.Paton SN 15 Mar 14 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Platostoma menthoides (L.) A.J.Paton (= Geniosporum menthoides (L.) Merr. var. longiracemosum (Ramam. & Sebastine) Press & Sivar), Lamiaceae
wild herb from Ambasamudram area of Tirunelveli dt, Tamilnadu.

Is P.menthoides var. longiracemosum found only in Evergreen forests in Tirunelveli district?

Please help me in identifying this herb found on fallow lands in dry parts of Tirunelveli district.
Plant height: 15-20 cm (incl. inflorescence)
Habitat: Fallow land
Date: 20 March 2015
Place: Nanguneri Taluk, Tirunelveli dist., TN
Alt.: 50 m asl 

I have also seen this plant in Kancheepuram district (Alt.: 30 m asl)

It looks Platostoma menthoides (L.) A.J.Paton, the flower picture is not clear; the flowers mauve or lilac in color, 3-4mm cross, corolla 2 lipped, upper lip larger than the lower. Plants diffuse herbs. common in sandy areas near coast.

Thanks a lot …, Geniosporum menthoides (L.) Druce being synonym for this. Other posts of the same plant by Santhan ji in our site. From Eflora of Karaikal portal.


Lamiaceae herb ID request: 2 high res. images.

Could you please help me in the identification of Lamiaceae herb?
Location : Madurai outer road, grassland in scrub
Date: 30-05-2023
No strong smell
Description: Prostrate herb, pubescent, leaves abovate, oblanceolate, distinctly serrete. Flowers purple, in spike, calyx connate, cupular, white, corolla bilipped. Seed not seen

Seems to be not sure Platostoma palustre

Thank you for your effort in species identification, but not surely matching with the specimen of Platostoma palustre.

The Lamiaceae member has been identified as Platostoma menthoides by Karuppusamy, Madurai College