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I kindly require ID help for this tree for which the pics are attached. This was taken in Cubbon park, Bangalore on 14th Feb 2015.

I wonder if the flowers and the leaves in the picture belong to the same individual. The flowers looks like Commiphora but the leaves are simple. … could you please tell us if these pictures were taken on the same plant and at the same time??

Yes, these were taken at the same time and its 100% of the same tree. This tree is very easy to locate in Cubbon park as its just at the entrance from the Corporation circle side, even more easier to identify as its just beside the small temple.

Thank you … As it turns out there are species of Commiphora in Africa which have simple leaves. So now I think it would be safe for us to assume that this is some simple leaved species of Commiphora.

Thanks … Highly possible as Cubbon park and lalbagh have exotics brought in from various parts and it is possible that this tree might have been sourced from somewhere long time back…So i guess we will have leave it at the Genus level as of now.

There is one post from Lalbagh, pl. check:

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