Rajgad, Dec 2014 :: Requesting ID of this plant :: ARKMAR-10/10 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Please ID this tree captured at Rajgad near Pune in Dec 2014.
These are long shots, was not possible to go near the tree…there were many such trees on the mountain slopes.

… suggested Eriolaena on the Indian Flora group.

Eriolaena species so far in efi.

It is an Eriolaena sp. for sure.

Even up close the various species are not easy to distinguish. They all seem to grow on mountain slopes!

Thanks … for the feedback…. Let us keep this as Eriolaena species…

Eriolaena hookeriana sir pls send any flower close up

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images to check the details.

Please find attached the hi-res images.
Hope this helps.

How would you distinguish between. E. hookeriana and E. quinquelocularis?
… has posted E. quinquelocularis from the same area here.

Keys are available at book link in FoPI, but difficult to decipher with these images.

May be keys from Flora of Maharashtra, help.
However, looks close to images and specimens at FoPI and at Eriolaena hookeriana (as suggested by …)

It is not E.hookerania, difficult to identify,

may be E.quinquelocularis, after close observation of flower, not sure



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