Pls ID this flower, wild plant from outskirts of Chennai.

Blooming in March.

Pic. is too small to see any details.

Pl. upload at least 600 by 400 pixel pictures.

thanks for pointing out.

The picture is about 800×800; I am attaching again. Last time I chose the “small” size for inline display;  if one clicks and sees in a separate window, it should display as original size, or so I thought.

Without any leaf it can be a wild guess. It may be Andrographis paniculata (KALMEGH).

Looks like Andrographis species. It is difficult to identify the species in the absence of other photographs leaves (foliage), stem, habit etc. I have observed that many people withhold good photographs and send minimum possible photographs for the reasons best known to them.

I guess correct ID

Thanks to … for the indication that it is ‘likely’ an Andrographis.
Unfortunately, contrary to … conjecture, I do not have any more photos, withheld for whatever reasons.
As per my experience, there are posts with detailed views and those where only limited or passing view is available, for reason of time or weather or any thing else some-one  may wish to speculate.
The strength  of the forum is the sharing across a large body and spectrum of members, experts, non-experts and plant-warriors; all giving time and effort  to plants, identification,  and their diversity.

One can hope for some unique initiatives for consolidation and building upon these strengths..

Correct ID according to Andrographis paniculata !

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