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You collect good looking plants. small means (less than 1 foot) collect with root , rinse it in water to remove the soil particle. Keep it in a old magazine or folded news paper. Keep it under your bed or put some one -2 kg weight wood block or a sand bag. next day replace the plants in a new news paper, or a old magazine. it needs to replaced for one week time. Once the herb dried well, then paste it in a card board using fevicol/ gum, it can also be stitched using thread and needle. Prepare a lable which contains Genus species and family name, place and date of collection. Collector name should also be there. You can make a greeting card using beautiful herbarium specimens. There is standard size for a herbarium sheet (29 x 41.5.cm) small insects feed the dried flowers and leaves. So keep herbarium specimen in an envelop. Put 1-2 napthalene balls in side the envelop.

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