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Found in Bangalore

Ray florets and bud suggest a Dahlia.

And I may very well be wrong!

Not matching a Dahlia

Any other?

If leaves belong to this, this can be Gerbera..
May be the flower is unusually developed…

No, I have no idea, for I still think it’s a Dahlia cultivar/variety.

Well, …, I fail to find further solution, leaves of one butter daisy look similar, but flowers are different. I couldn’t find any similar Melampodium. Flower looks rather like Dahlia variabilis, but leaves not.

I fail to id this one.

If you clicked “Dahlia” in my 2nd reply mail in this thread you would have seen similar looking flower – https://australianseed.com/shop/item/dahlia-red-skin-mix. If you did search with the term, “Dahila variabilis” you could have landed to leaves like yours, one example – http://biljke.bosnianforum.com/t244-dalija-dahlia-variabilis.

As I said earlier, I still think it’s a Dahlia for its flower and bud. Or do you have better alternative?

No sir. I think you got it right with this one. The yellow flower in the centre is a perfect match!

Thank you very much.

My 2nd reply in this very thread can be accessed at efi thread. Each of the word, in string “Dahlia cultivar/variety.” was linked with a different site. You didn’t reply at that time!

No problem, of late it has been a customary practice of this group not to bother for any reply or reply in such a way as to bypass certain mail addresses!

btw, I think, we should not go for particular Dahlia species. At most it can be Dahlia variabilis Hort.

I apologise sir.

And yes definitely, this may be left at Dahlia sp.

Thank you very much.

Never apologise …, you didn’t do anything wrong, I knew you might had missed the first link in that string. I too was not sure about leaves. But, I find no alternative, and as I said flower and bud look like that of Dahlia.

Please do never hesitate to argue with me on any id related issue. In that process I too learn from you 🙂

of course sir. 🙂

Thank you once again.

This is only “Dahlia” to me.
As per Encyclopedia  Britannica, common garden Dahlia are D. bipinnata, featuring shortened ray florets https://www.britannica.com/plant/Dahlia