Brownea grandiceps is a species of tree in the family Fabaceae. Its common names include the rose of Venezuela and the scarlet flame bean. It originated in South America but is now widely grown as a decorative tree in tropical gardens.

The rose of Venezuela is a small, slow growing tree with stout branches eventually reaching about 6 metres (20 ft). The trunk has greyish-brown, lightly furrowed bark. The shoots and leaf stalks are downy. The leaves are opposite, elongated and pinnate with twelve to eighteen pairs of oblong or lanceolate leaflets ending in a bristle-like point. When they first unfold, the drooping leaves are pale green with tiny pink and cream dots, but as they mature they become brownish-pink and eventually a uniform shade of green. The globular inflorescences contain numerous crimson, red, deep pink or purple tubular flowers, each with projecting stamens and style. The flower heads can be up to 20 centimetres (7.9 in) in diameter and usually dangle below the foliage. The seeds are contained in bunches of long, brown, furry pods.[2][3][4]
The rose of Venezuela is endemic to Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela and Colombia where it grows in the tropical rainforest.[1]
It has a minimum temperature requirement of 55 °F (13 °C) and will thrive both in full sun and in partial shade.[3]
(From Wikipedia on 3.5.15)


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Attaching an image of bee on the flowers of Brownea grandiceps.

Brownea grandiceps Jacq.has not been posted efi so far. Pl. Brownea page.
Can you post detailed pictures of this plant ?


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attaching 5 images of Brownea grandiceps.
For identification I have consulted K S Gopalaswamienger’s COMPLETE GARDENING IN INDIA.

Thank you …, For showing the beautiful flowers.

This tree is cultivated in Indian Botanic Garden. Once I brought back the flowers home and kept them in a flower vase for decoration but they wilted by evening.


Floriculture in India By Gurcharan Singh Randhawa, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay (1986- Details) 
Gardening in India By George Marshall Woodrow, G Marshall (1999- Details)  

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