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Found a weed in cultivated lands of Patan, Gujarat.

I have identified: It is Asphodelus albus

Thank you for id it yourself

please bear with me… but i dont see any details in these pictures to compare to all those pictures in your 3 links,

I am sure you have your herbarium specimen  or close up macro pictures of the fruits?

and earlier flowers???

could you please show us the identifying features?

It is exactly the photos what I have shared. I do not have flowering.
on last week plants do not have leaves too. however it was fruiting.

that’s ok

weed is bound to come up again and again

I am sure will see some flowers next year from you

I checked up- I think Asphodelus albus is not found in India in wild.
In view, pl. also check with the following species in efloraofindia so far:
This might be Asphodelus tenuifolius. Let me confirm once during the flowering season.

Thanks. I look forward to it and your detailed close ups

Sure. Let me try when I visit during rain season.

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