Dimorphocalyx balakrishnanii Chakrab. & Premanath, J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 4: 1013 1983. (syn: Dimorphocalyx dilipianus N.P.Balakr. & Chakrab.);
S. Andaman Is. (incl. Havelock Is.) (as per WCSP)

Shrub or small tree.
Differs from all its congeners in the androgynous inflorescences. Photo by courtesy of Dr. P. G. Diwakar.


Tritaxis balakrishnanii – male flowers (Euphorbiaceae):
This is Tritaxis balakrishnii (Euphorbiaceae) from the maritime forest of Little Andaman Island, India recently shot by Mr. B. C. Dey and sent to me for identification.
I hope this time it is correctly identified.


Tritaxis balakrishnanii (Euphorbiaceae) – female flowers and fruits:
These images of female flowers and fruits of Tritaxis balakrishnanii (Chakrab. & Premanath) R. Y. Yu & Welzen (basionym: Dimorphocalyx balakrishnanii Chakrab. & Premanath), family Euphorbiaceae were shot by Mr. Bishnu Dey a few days ago from a shrub growing naturally in wild condition at Dhanikhari Botanic Garden, about 20 km away from Port Blair, South Andaman Island.



The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP  POWO (Tritaxis balakrishnanii (Chakrab. & Premanath) R.Y.Yu & Welzen) India Biodiversity Portal
A new species of Dimorphocalyx (Euphorbiaceae) from Andaman Islands-Tapas Chakrabarty & R. K. Premanath- December 1983

Genus Dimorphocalyx Thw. (Euphorbiaceae) in India– Tapas Chakrabarty & N P Balakrishnan- October 1990- Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences – Section A Part 3 Mathematical sciences 100(5):285-299

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