Pecteilis radiata (Thunb.) Raf., Fl. Tellur. 2: 38 1837. (syn: Habenaria dianthoides Nevski; Habenaria radiata (Thunb.) Spreng.; Habenaria radiata var. dianthoides (Nevski) Vyschin; Hemihabenaria radiata (Thunb.) Finet; Orchis radiata Thunb.; Orchis susannae Thunb., nom. illeg.; Pecteilis dianthoides (Nevski) Garay & G.A.Romero; Plantaginorchis dianthoides (Nevski) Szlach.; Plantaginorchis radiata (Thunb.) Szlach., not validly publ.; Platanthera radiata (Thunb.) Lindl.);
S. Russian Far East to S. Korea, Central & S. Japan, China (W. Henan) as per POWO;


Which species of Aristolochia ? : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Since last two days I have been receiving  a post on WhatsApp along with photos of a flower बदकवेल ( in Marathi) i.e. Aristolochia. The post gives a reference of Marathi paper (Divya Marathi Bhaskar) and says that this flower has bloomed in the garden of Ms. Meenakshi Vani- Ex.President, Garden Club Jalgaon ( Maharashtra). I have searched for the species of this flower on web but none of the species from Aristolochia seemed to be of this shape and complete white in colour. The flower really looks unbelievable.
Can anyone help in identifying this ? Posting the photos of this flower.
By any chance can this be a fake post ?

This is circulating on Whatsapp
Doesn’t look like Aristolochia though.
The pictures belong to “White egret orchid” a small terrestrial orchid found in Japan
Pecteilis radiata/ Habenaria radiata

… will throw more light on it

Thanks … So at least these are true pictures and not like earlier “Narilatha” photos which were circulating on WhatsApp sometime back. But the shape is really unbelievable.

One more doubt as a layperson …! Do orchids grow as creepers also ?

Pecteilis species so far in efi 

Pecteilis radiata (Thunb.) Raf. !

This is Pecteilis radiata and most likely copied from INTERNET and very often with a fake story attached. Its found in upper Asia.


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