Prostanthera lasianthos Labill., Nov. Holl. Pl. 2: 18 1806. (Syn: Prostanthera lasianthos var. subcoriacea Benth.);
E. & SE. Australia (From WCSP);

Prostanthera lasianthos is a large shrub or small tree which is native to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia.

The species is also known as Victorian Christmas Bush,[1] or local aboriginal names including coranderrk (Woi wurrung) and geringdah (Daung wurrung).[2]
It grows up to 10 m high but is usually much less and is found in wet sclerophyll forests, often beside creeks. Its flowers, which appear in profuse sprays, are about 2 cm long and white or pale lilac, with purple and orange blotches in the throat. They appear in late spring and summer, and specifically around Christmas time in Victoria. The fragrant, toothed leaves are 5 to 10 cm (sometimes 15 cm ) long and about 1.5 cm wide.
(From Wikipedia on 17.5.15)

Prostanthera lasianthos,
an australian plant photographed from University of California Botanical Garden.