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please identify the  photos of Scrophulariacea member

Justicia glauca Rottler is listed in the flora of Bombay presidency, bracts orbicular, 1/4 inch dia



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Please help me to identify this plant. It is collected from Natore Bangladesh

Could be Rungia repens,

Acanthaceae member,

Thank you …. But this plant have quadrangular stem, 4 stamen and the plant is more than 30 cm tall 

Justicia glauca Rottler ?? 

I too collected this plant …, it’s  Rungia repens and very common in paddy fields, check properly with this,

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Does not match with Justicia repens
Justicia glauca looks closer but somewhat different.
What are the species of Rungia (and Justicia) listed in your area?

Thank you for the mail. According to Passa and Uddin (2013), In our country, listed species are Rungia pectinata and R. repens from Rungia genus on the other hand 16 from Justicia genus. they are J. adhatoda, J.andrographioides, J.betonica, J.burmanica, J.decussata, J.diffusa, J.gendurosa, J.japonica, J.oreophila, J.peploides, J.procumbens, J.punduana, J.simplex, J.tinctoria, J.vahlii and J. vasculosa.

Do you have the habit image ?

Thank you. At this time I have no habit image. One of my student collect it.