Lantana ‘Samantha’ photographed from California

very common in road side and occassional home boundry in west bengal towns and cities

i forgot to say the yellow lantanas we had may not be this particular cultivar. and yours is a variegated leaf one
not seen here in india and there has been a rash of roadside thievery for usual yellow and purely pink lantanas in Kolkata

even from a road divider on a bridge

how did they pull that off I dont know they were large

when you catch plant thief they say

chhord do babu/didi

garib admi hain thoda chhori kiya aapse

I guess they learn from the newspaper news about big lady’s going home etc

and expect us to pardon them just like the big judges do

they even stole my very old very expensive (Read: large twisted interesting caudex) adeniums and bonsais one summer …

this is corruption of the soul and spirit deep into our psyche, when will we get over it I wonder


I was talking of Lantanas

in one section of dhakuria lakes it has grown out of control crowding out native species, but then so does the Ruella. and ficus pumila. There used to be some dioscorea there  and some Ber small ones..and malabar spinach which some bengalis eat… gone