Ophiorrhiza rugosa var. angustifolia (Thwaites) Ridsdale, Blumea 41: 461 1996. (syn: Ophiorrhiza angustifolia Thwaites; Ophiorrhiza mungos var. angustifolia (Thwaites) Hook.f.);

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Lectotypification of Ophiorrhiza heterostyla Dunn and the new record of Ophiorrhiza rugosa Wall. var. angustifolia (Thwaites) Ridsale (Rubiaceae) for India
V.S. Hareesh, V.B. Sreekumar, K.M. Prabhukumar, M. Sabu & K.A. Sreejith 
Abstract: A new locality in India for Ophiorrhiza heterostyla Dunn (Rubiaceae) is reported, and the combination is lectotypified. Ophiorrhiza rugosa Wall. var. angustifolia (Thwaites) Ridsdale is recorded for the first time for India. Detailed descriptions, distributions, and relevant taxonomic notes along with colour photographs are provided for easy identification of these taxa.


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