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Our tour to Churdhar peak in Himachal Pradesh organised by Balkar is starting tomorrow morning. Other members have already reached Panipat, we will join them, as distance from Delhi to Panipat is only 90 km. We will be back on 29th May evening. Hope to bring back some new and interesting plants. We may not interact in these days as we are going to remote areas with possibly hardly any internet.    

Thanks, … Best wishes fro successful & bountiful trek to the whole group on behalf of efloraofindia.

Good luck Sir! Happy plant hunting.
I will eager to see the subalpine and alpine plants from the area.

How was the trip, … ?

A very enjoyable and useful trip, and as Balkar Singh says one of the most difficult treck of his career. Only five members Balkar ji, Nidhan ji, Anil Thakur ji, Sunoj ji and Viplav made it to the top of nearly 3700 m high peak. Myself and Dr. Virdi (from Zoology) came back after climbing 5 km from Nohradhar (partly due to our age +70, reluctance of our spouses to stay without us, and more importantly my pacemake. It would have been too much). Anurag, Smita and two friends of Anurag from Zoology (Smitha and Medha). Climbed half way and decided to stay at a midpoint to come back next day. The Visit to Plante Paradise Nursery near Solan and Nauni campus were highlights of the tour.Would soon share our plants.

Thanks, … Yes, 3700m is really difficult.

Eagerly waiting for the treasure of Montane and alpine flora to unfold.

May be all your trip members mention Churadhar trip in the message or the headline/subject line.

Visit to Churdhar peak from 22 may to 30 May : 33 posts by 11 authors.

A flower hunting program to Churdhar Peak in Himachal has been scheduled from 22-5-15 to 30-5-15. Following is the detailed program. This program can be changed a little as per requirement, but dates and routs are fixed. Interested person can contact us at no 9541454009 and by mail balkararya@gmail.com. Pls prefer e mail for any communication or clarification. During the whole programs accommodation and other facilities will be just basic type. No star culture will be there as such star facilities are not available at this route. Expenditure will be at no profit no loss basis. only 4-5% extra than actual cost all have to pay for making arrangements before actual tour program. participants have to pay Rs 1000 as advance rest will be collected during tour programme. Advance will be refunded (Rs 1000) only with genuine reason only. For all cancellation/refund Rs 400/- will be deducted. Estimated expenditure is between Rs. 8000- 12000/- including travel accommodation and food from Panipat to Panipat


The enchanting Churdhar mountain in Sirmaur (Shivalik ranges) is the highest peak in southern Himachal Pradesh.  The view from the summit embraces a vast panorama of lowland tracts towards the south and snow-capped ranges, including the peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Garhwal region, towards the north.

It is believed that this is the very place where Hanuman discovered the life-restoring Sanjivini booti, which revived Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s younger brother. Ruins of an ancient town have been discovered at the nearby Dundi Devi. A wealth of herbs and beautiful alpine flora, covers these Himalayan slopes. Walking through the wildlife sanctuary, one can spot the spectacular monal, Himachal’s state bird, along with koklass and kaleej pheasants. The canine-toothed musk deer and the endangered Himalayan black bear inhabit the higher forests.

On a clear sunny day, you can be rewarded with a view of the Badrinath and Kedarnath shrines, Gangetic plains, the Sutlej river and hills of Shimla and Chakrata. Atop the Churdhar summit lie the lingams of Shiva and Kali, where once goat and sheep were sacrificed. Devotees hoist flags and make offerings here.

Churdhar peak can be approached from at least three routes – Chaupal in Shimla district is the base for the shortest route of 7 kms, while Haripurdhar in Sirmour district is the base for a longer route of some 50 km. Nauradhar (Nohra) is the third base from where Churdhar is a 20 km climb. Nauradhar is a small town on the Solan – Rajghat -Sangrah road and is about 388 km from Delhi. 

Day Zero(22May) – Assembly of all by 4.00 PM at Panipat. If all reaches well in time then departure for Kaleshwar or Nahan. Night stay at Kaleshwar or Nahan. Max elevation 1200 mts. Summer but cool weather

Day Two: (23 May) Visit to Renuka Ji lake and on the way area. Maximum elevation 1500 Mts.  Summer but cool weather. If possible night stay at Renuka ji.

Day Three: (24 May) Early morning travel start for Nohradhar ie. Base camp for trek to Churdhar. Whole day exploration in the way. Night stay at Nohradhar. max elevation 2800 mts

Day Four: (25 May) Trek Start for churdhar stay at night in between the way to churdhar. max elevation 3000 mts 

Day Five: (26 May) Final trekking to Churdhar Peak, those who will not be able to climb furher will stay around and will meet next day during backward journey. Night Stay at churdhar peak. max elevation 3650 mts

Day Six: (27 May) back to Nohradhar Full day . Probably from different Route, if possible

Day Seven (28 May) backward journey via Rajgarh and Solan, Night stay at Solan or Barog.

Day Eight (29 May) Visit to places in between- Barog, Parvanoo, chandigarh Botanical Garden and Panchkula Cactus Park. Night Stay at Panipat or Delhi as per wish of a person.

Please book your tickets etc for 30th may after afternoon trains. So that we may have buffer time for any more or less stay at any point.

Distances for trekking and normal trekking time for a fit person

Nohradhar to Jamnala – 6 kms – 2 to 3hrs,

 Jamnala to Teesri – 5 kms –2hrs,

Teesri to Churdhar – 5 kms – 1.5 to 2hrs

Please give your consents before 20-4-15 positively

It is the most wonderful time to visit Churdhar, the views are great and their is both history and myth revolving around the place. One of the few places where one can see all the four species of Rhododendrons recorded from Himachal in flowering in a span of less than 10 kms and vast expanses of each of these species – though slightly late for R. arboretum.
The initial climb from Nohra is slightly harsh… don’t try to climb up fast (as usually happens due to excitement of the trek) for the first about 3 kms..  then the climb smoothens out..
While trekking to Churdhar, kindly remember that it is a wildlife sanctuary and you would need permission from Wildlife Warden of the area (DFO Wildlife Shimla) to save you from possible issues during the trek. And making herbarium collections is generally not allowed unless specifically permitted. So be trigger happy, shoot as many images as you can, imbibe and enjoy the scene as much as possible… and it sure is a wonderful trek.    
Wish the group a wonderful trek.

Thanks a lot Goraya Sir for useful Information.

Thanks, Balkar ji for organising such wonderful trips.
Hope more & more persons join.

Thanks Balkar Ji for giving final shape to the programme, this will enable sufficient time for bookings etc. to our members who will be joining from far away places..

I am very sure, this will be a wonderful trip..please do join  the tour and intimate about the same positively before 20-04-2015, so that travel/stay arrangements can be finalized..

I am very keen to come, but I cannot climb and it involves trekking, so I cannot join you on this trip.

This is view of Churdhar as on 19th April, 2015.
Clicked from Shimla
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Really a beauty..thanks Anil Ji for preview !!

so those of us doing armchair trip with you will  look for fantastik pics and panoramas  along with the flora pictures

Thanks Balkar ji for initiating the programme.

I just took a screen shot of the Google map directions. It seems part of the distance (nearly half) between Nohradhar and Churdhar is motorable. I tried both Motorable and trekking options, it shows 6.6 km both options. I hope some one can clarify. total 6.6 km or motorable 6.6, and the total distance is how much?. I am asking this because I would like maximum benefit of ride and save energy for essential trekking.
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This road leading to Churdhar forms a part of 14 km road to Ghanduri, diversion to Churdhar is I think at 6.6 km distance.

Thanks a lot Sir for your research. Some friends were there 2-3 years back and at that time this road was under construction. i will try to find exact position now days. Dr Anil Thakur is requested to pls find latest information.

Sir as per the information received that road is not motorable yet and only Mules are available at this route upto final peak. you may hire mules for the first part of the trek i.e starting 6 Kms or even before that. In that area much diversity will not be there as most area is populated and height also as like that of Haripurdhar, where we will be Botanizing one day before.

I think Gurcharan sir’s map show to the point where trail ends. By car (this road according to google map is certainly motorable) you can reach till that point in 6 mins (which is not accurate ac I dont believe someone can drive so fast in the himalayas). This path can be walked in 1 hr 28 mins according to google map. After that trail (there is no trail marked on the map), you have to walk to the red point anyways.

Pankaj Ji, this way is not motorable but good enough to trek easily and Mules are available frequently upto this point. however mules also go upto Churdhar Peak. this way is under Construction and hopefully will be done in next few years. As a Govt College is being established in Churdhar.


Sir if you look on google earth, you can actually see some vehicle on roads :). But yeah I cant confirm from here.

Agreed Pankaj Ji. Mechinery for Construction is going through that road and some Jeeps etc but those also not upto 6.6 Kms. I confirmed the fact from a Local friend from Himachal residing near to that area in Chaupal village

Ok sorry for my big mouth.

The road is State Highway 6 and if you zoom on google earth you can see that the road is motorable.

Sorry I am opening my mouth wide…. but if there are some people who can’t climb the peak from the road, they might think of following the stream to go ahead. Its a dry season and so I hope it will be easy to walk. Secondly on river sides in the valley they might find something very interesting…. 🙂
From Nohradhar it says 16 km trek to Churdhar peak. If you wish to walk then from Nohradhar it would be easier as it would be less steep. By the way at Nohradhar there shows a PWD guesthouse. You can try for cheap accommodation if you wish. Skipping trip to Renuka ji would be ok. Instead go to the base camp and for practice trek using some nearby trails (Kind of warm up for one day. It always helps me to do a long and steeper hike next day).

I have downloaded Google earth and compared images with Google maps. Both show 6.6 km distance whether you take motorable track or walking trail. It also shows that motorable portion is common for both options. I can also spot some 4-wheelers at about 2/3 distance on the road from Nohradhar. Here are the shots.

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how far above sea level is this

parts of the hills topography shows no green cover

is it above timberline?

I’m excited , Can’t wait to go 🙂 

Further updates are welcome.

Sir, We are going to finalize the list of participants by 25th April Evening. After that arrangements for Vehicles etc will be Done. So Only one day left for consent of any new person 

I have contacted some people from Nauhradhar. They will arrange our stay midway and in Chudeshwer Mahadev Temple. Our stay at Haripurdhar in Bhagyani Devi temple is almost final.

There is no motorable road from Nauhradhar to temple or even midway. It is a trek of approx. 12-13 km. Local people take approx 6 hours to climb. But time will be more for people from plains.

Sorry I skipped the name of Dr Anil Thakur

1. Dr Gurcharan Singh
2. Dr Balkar Singh
3. Dr Nidhan Singh
4. Dr Sunoj Kumar
5. Mr Viplav
6. Mr Anurag with 2 other Members
9. Ms Smita Raskar
10. Mr Shrikant Ingahalikar (Final Confirmation awaited)
11. Dr Anil K Thakur
thanks Anil ji for information


so, now rest of us sit back

relax and wait for the spectacular views and plants flowers seeds pictures and gain a lot of knowledge

thank you all of our intrepid souls

and may mother nature help you and make your journey smooth and endurance for all the work you’ll do

Dear Kotia, Amit and Ishwari

Will you be interested in joining them?

Thanks for your kind consideration. I always wish to have field tour with such a team of experience and knowledge. Sir, we have already planned a high altitude study tour to Chhipla Kedar, Kumaun from 15th may for 12-13 days with Dr.G.S. Rawat, Dr. G.S. Goraya and Dr. Gajendra and 4 others. wish to join them in their next tour.

Balkar ji

please add three to the list
1. Dr. Balkar Singh

2. Dr Gurcharan Singh, with wife
4. Dr. G. S. Virdi with wife
6. Dr Nidhan Singh
7. Dr Sunoj Kumar
8. Mr Viplav
9. Mr Anurag with 2 other Members
12. Ms Smita Raskar
13. Mr Shrikant Ingahalikar (Final Confirmation awaited)

14. Dr Anil K Thakur

Thanks Sir

So Now we are 14 or 15 Members now as given Below.
1. Dr. Balkar Singh

2. Dr Gurcharan Singh, with wife
4. Dr. G. S. Virdi with wife
6. Dr Nidhan Singh
7. Dr Sunoj Kumar
8. Mr Viplav
9. Mr Anurag with 2 other Members
12. Ms Smita Raskar
13. Mr Shrikant Ingahalikar (Final Confirmation awaited)

14. Dr Anil K Thakur with one member
We are closing here and will not be able to add any more member now. We finally going to make arrangements for 15 members. All members are requested to send following details for getting some permissions and travel arrangements. Pls send following details only to my mail id balkararya@gmail.com, not to the group.
1. Name………………………………………….. 2. Sex………………… 3. Age …………………………….   4. Address. ……………………………………………  5. Mobile No. ………………………………………….. 6. Email Address
Blood Group…….. (Not mandatory)