Bhutan (N) ; China (N) ; Gansu ; Quinghai ; Sichuan ; Xizang Zizhiqu ; India (N): Sikkim ; Uttar Pradesh ; West Bengal; Nepal (N) (from ILDIS)

Common name: Himalayan Tibetia




Tibetia himalaica from Uttarakhand: June 2015_DSR_05 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Tibetia himalaica (Baker) H.P.Tsui (Fabaceae) [synonym Gueldenstaedtia himalaica Baker] is a rare legume in the Himalaya. Difficult to notice in vegetative state but can be differentiated from other alpine herbage with solitary axillary dark pink flowers. The plant itself is tiny, hardly 5-8 cm across.
Photographed on way to Vasudhara, Badrinath area in June 2015 (ca. 3300m).
The genus is not represented in eFI, thus new to eFI and need a separate page now.

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