(Image By Swapnil Lokhande shared on the forum by Surajit Koley (id by D S Rawat & Surajit Koley) and Karuna Kanta Das (id by J.M.Garg & Khyanjeet Gogoi) (inserted By Sushant More & J.M.Garg)


Common name: Crystal Bells, Pale Didymoplexis
Afghanistan to SW. Pacific (from WCSP )

Rhizomatous saprophytic herbs, rhizome to 8 cm long, narrowed to the apex; stem erect, 5-12 cm long; sheaths loose. Raceme terminal, 4-8 flowered. Flowers erect, dull yellowish-white, 1-1.4 cm long. Sepals and petals connate into a 2-lipped tube, the dorsal sepal and the petals forming a 3-fid upper lip, the lateral sepals a 2-fid or entire lower lip and forming a mentum with the foot of the column. Lip stipitate, membranous, yellowish-white, about 5 mm long, with raised sides, transversely or obcuneately oblong. Disk papillose. Column curved, widened at the top with two short pointed auricles. Anther low, shortly stipitate; pollinia 4, reniform with thick gland; column-foot curved, 2-3 mm long; caudicle and gland absent.

Flowering and fruiting: December-May
Evergreen forests
Widespread throughout Indo-Malesia
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi’

I have requested the owner to give me permission to share it in our group, for we haven’t it in eFI yet.
Meanwhile, I request experts to help me by informing if there is any similar looking flower(s)

Interesting species …
The Book “Plants of Indian Botanic Garden” by H.J.Chowdhery & D.S.Pandey (2007) page-96 informs that Didymoplexis pallens Griff. is a saprophytic, leafless, ephemeral delicate, tuberous terrestrial herb, 5.5-60 cm tall. Fls white. Fls and Frt in May-July.
More interesting fact is that the species was described from Royal (now Indian) Botanic Garden Sibpore Calcutta in 1844. Recollected from garden after a long interval in 1885, 1889. Disappeared again and was recollected in 1960, 1979 and lastly in 2005. Pics are also given in the book.
Though it has to be confirmed whether the pics are of D.pallens or not which is difficult without seeing the pics.

I attach herewith the flower image. I thank … very much for sharing it. Attachments (1)

I attach herewith the flower picture I have received and the entry in Bengal Plants. … informs me that he recorded it in CKBS in April, near a bamboo thicket. I had been once in CKBS, the place is a popular to birders. FBI also records that the species is found in bamboo jungles.

Sorry, …, forgot to inform about CKBS, it is Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary, info can be found in –

  • It is indeed looking like Didymolpexis pallens Griff.
    Chowdhery & Pandey (2007) writes- ‘It grows on soil thickly covered with humous of decaying leaves and twigs, hidden among grasses and various herbs like Sida cordifolia, Alternanthera sessilis, Typhonium trilobatum, Globba marantina, Cynodon dactylon, Imperata cylindrica, Digitaria sp. etc.’
    A specimen housed in Kew have note that says ‘under a clump of bamboo’.
    Thank you for arranging picture of this species, we are richer with additional genus and species!

  • Thank you very much Sir, now I’m dying to see it physically!

  • There is no chance of disappearance. Just that no one searched it during that period thoroughly. Most of the mycotrophic plants are very sensitive and they dont flower every year. Its matter of chance to be there at the time when the plant is flowering. If you know the exact location then go every year, and for sure if it is there you will see it atleast once in three years !! 
    Its supposedly a commonly plant, distributed from Asia to Australia.

    Thank you … for posting this image in eflora!
    I think … also posted this image on fb group, and some one said this is recent record for the sp from Bengal.
    When it was last reported?





    Unknown ground orchid from Assam KD 02 2016 : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (9)

  • Attached images may be ground orchid. Please ID the species. 
    Date :06.05.2016
    Location: Assam
    Family : Orchidaceae
    Genus & species : ???
    Habitat: Grows wild at the base of the trunk of Tectona grandis
    Habit : Herb (leafless with flowers and underground portion)

    Fruits : Capsule(?)

  • Pl. check with images of Didymoplexis pallens

    Yes this is Didymoplexis pallens Griff………………

    I support Didymoplexis pallens

    Yes this is Didymoplexis pallens.