Munsyari township (2200m) is the starting point for a long trekking (>35km) to the last village Milam in Gori Ganga Valley (Pithoragarh distt Uttarakhand).

With my two enthusiastic students I am heading to a trekking in Munsyari Milam area during 6th-12th July 2015. Being a rainy season little is expected for landscape viewing but many flowers may be expected.

Best wishes to you & your team, …
You are now at the forefront of compiling all species in efloraofindia.
You are also adding so many new species with wonderful photographs.
May other taxonomists of your calibre join us in this wonderful effort.

Also landscapes are sometimes really wonderful & constantly changing in this monsoon weather.


Our visit to Munsyari area was almost ruined by heavy rain in the area. Many bridges were swept away in the route of Milam and Rhalam villages; consequently, nobody is being allowed to move ahead from Munsyari. We only managed to trek to an adjacent alpine area- “Khaliya” at an elevation range of 3200-3800m. This trek was not rewarding as I have already explored the area last year. Additionally, leeches were in abundance inside the forests.

Attaching a picture showing miserable weather conditions.

Fog wandering in every valley with a Fog’s Polar Bear [arrow] leaping in to engulf the landscape.

With creeping and rising brown stems in foreground are Rhododendron campanulatum (Ericaceae) while just behind them erect dark trees are Quercus semecarpifolia (Fagaceae). 

I will share some plant pics later; meanwhile enjoying the Malvaceae fortnight.

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This is a sigh of relief reaching back from such a trip. We were there in October, few years back, even then the roads were not motor-able, I can easily imagine the scene in heavy rains…a poor monsoon was expected this year, which could have allowed little exploration. But this is always good to reach back safely.

Thanks, … for the update. And wonderful picture too with a leaping Bear.

good to see you back safe

love the polar bear

i find such figures in clouds very often

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