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Place : Thenhlum-Tleu Road
Date : 25/06/2015
Habit : Tree fern
Habitat : Wild

Sorry, photos are inadequate – everyone makes this mistake with tree-ferns, but to identify Cyathea species we need to see a close up of the underneath of a pinnule!  This shows the hairs and little scales and make it possible to recognise which one it is.
I’m not even going to make a wild guess – it would be totally unreliable. Can the photographer throw a stone up at a leaf and get a little pit of pinna to fall off then make the close-up photo?   Only then can it be named.  Please try again!

Pl. send the details as requested by …

I think proper identification will be possible only if you can provide the under surface of the frond in a close view. From appearence of the plant and also from its place of occurrence, I think it may be Cyathea brunoniana.