Defying all the calculations monsoon arrived on time and swept The Mumbai off its feet.

With its rains it brought an explosion of life everywhere… ….life blossoming on forest floor……..ephemerals  pushing the earth aside, striving, climbing, clambering for a space for itself towards Sun……noises of being born can be heard if one put an ear to the ground.  Tall trees silently grinning at all the happening down below on the forest floor and among their branches where birds & bees happily creating many monsoon love stories…..

We invite you all for a Tree Appreciation Walk on Bamboo Trail on 19th July at 7.30 am. 

The 63rdwalk is on Sunday 20th, 2014                

 Venue: Bamboo Trail, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

Time:  7.30

Duration of walk:  2 hours

Meeting Point: SGNP’s gate near the ticket window. 

Please buy your ticket which is Rs.45/- per head. Car ticket is approximately Rs 110.

Also note we have to pay Rs 200/- to forest department for entering the trail and Rs 10 for the forest guide. Please  pay the said money to your group leader and kindly bring exact change so we do not waste time].  

Most Important:

1. Bamboo Trail is a restricted area and we have taken permission to conduct the walk there. It is about 5 km inside the park from the main gate. 

 2. Its not possible for us to arrange for the vehicle from gate to Bamboo, please make your    own arrangements to reach there which is just 5km from the main gate. There are taxi available which charge Rs. 50/- approximately and for return you may get a bus. 

Very Important : Please Don’t be late, specially those who are coming for the 1st time for the trail in the park & not familiar with the area….there will be other groups also for their walks and it will be very difficult to locate us once we leave for Bamboo. Also the queue for tickets will be very long so do come early. 

And as you all are aware that in forest we have to follow certain Do’s & Don’ts……..Here are some…. 

a)     Please wear dull cloths only……preferably dark green, brown, black. 

b)    No plastics bags or wrappers…..carry food or snacks in boxes which you carry back home. 

c)   Carry Odomos or any mosquito repellent, drinking water. 

f)    Have proper  rain wear & good rainy shoes. 

g]  Stay with the group. 

h] Each one responsible for their own safety . 

I] Take nothing from nature.

    Leave nothing behind except your footprints.

   Take lots of pictures and memories. 

Park gate opens at 7.30 am. 

List of the trees which we are planning to show will be send later. 

Hope to see you all, 


TAW Team

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