Melocanna clarkei (Gamble) P.Kumari & P.Singh, Nelumbo 51: 234 2009. (syn: Arundinaria clarkei Gamble; Neomicrocalamus clarkei (Gamble) R.B.Majumdar; Schizostachyum mannii R.B.Majumdar);
Assam as per POWO;


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Location : Mamit, Mizoram
Date : Unknown
Habit : Erect, graceful bamboo, 10-13 m.tall, 2.5-4.5 cm. diameter
Altitude : 80-1,500 m.
Habiat : Wild in the forests

Is it for Id or is it confirmed as Bambusa khasiana ?

Sir, it is for ID

Well, I have seen this thread earlier, but the booklet (on grasses and Bambusa) I have doesn’t feature this species.

It looks like Gigantochloa apus

Here is a species list distributed in your region –
I think you have two probabilities 1) Schizostachyum polymorphum and 2) Melocanna baccifera.(note FoC description and illustration of
“White powdery ring below node” in your plate is a character of  Pseudostachyum polymorphum. Two links of images from the genus –

Schizostachyum manii or Bambusa khasiana ?

Thank you so much … for the feedback.
Yes, I was wrong assuming it to be Schizostachyum polymorphum. It is not. I further missed your state, correct link would be
So, you have zeroed in to two species -1) Schizostachyum manii and 2) Bambusa khasiana.
I am not sure if Schizostachyum manii is a synonym of Racemobamboos mannii (nothing found on this taxon).
However, your Govt. website does list the taxon
But, the taxon is “wrongly assigned” & should be a Bambusa sp. as per the ‘paper’ –
Even, if it is the same taxon of FoC’s Phyllostachys mannii your species is not likely the same.

We do not have much on Bambusa khasiana except the attached FBI description, KEW description and illustration. The ID seems to me to be possible. Can you please share some daylight photographs of new shoots and nodes of mature culm….

Missed ….. here is the FBI description
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Sir, Thank you so much sir … for good information and attaching herewith another shoot, etc.
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Well, …, what I wanted to see I do not find in the attached pictures –

  1. a bluish ring above the node (I can see the whitish ring below the node though)
  2. head (apex) of the new shoot looks different than the illustration in Gamble (what i noted in earlier plate too)
I checked probability of Gigantochloa as suggested by …, you have one species there G. albociliata, (host Biodiversity international) but it looks different (more pics –

FBI has two species, from the region, with stem sheath featuring very long or narrow blade – B. pallida and B. khasiana. The former one is like B. tulda I have uploaded recently. I can only hope your ID is correct.

Please check Cephalostachyum pergracile



POWO  Catalogue of Life
The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP  IPNI  India Biodiversity Portal
ON THE IDENTITY OF ARUNDINARIA CLARKEI – Nelumbo 51, January 2009- Paramjit Singh & Pushpa Kumari (Abstract- The identity of Arundinaria clarkei -a less known bamboo of Eastern India is discussed. It is placed under genus Melocanna. Schizostachyum mannii described from Meghalaya is confirmed as its synonym.)