BNB-HOPE Environment Science Lecture Series:

Lecture No 7: “Principles and Practices of Wildlife Management”  by Dr. Sasikumar Menon


Wildlife provides many benefits to human beings such as food, fuel wood, medicines and other products apart from the aesthetics. Thus, conservation of wildlife and their habitat that is forest is of utmost important for human well being. But today Wildlife is facing many problems such as poaching, unsustainable harvest, climate change and habitat destruction. Habitat is the key to wildlife survival. Without habitat, no wildlife can survive. Because most wildlife species are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings, they can give us clues about changes that might affect us, too. Have some animals disappeared because of pollution. Wildlife management is the wise use of wildlife resources. Proper management of wildlife involves maintaining a habitat that supports a species or community of species and protecting wildlife from destruction which provides many benefits to both humans and to the wildlife itself.

To introduce people about wildlife management, a talk on “Principles and practices of Wildlife Management” by Dr. Sasikumar Menon is organized on Saturday, 18thJuly 2015 by VPM’S B. N. Bandodkar College of Science, Thane at Patanjali Sabhagruha, 3rd floor, Bldg no. 6, Thane College Campus, at 5:00 pm.

VPM’s B. N. Bandodkar college of Science in collaboration with HOPE Nature Trust has started this initiative in which series of Lectures to create awareness about biodiversity and Environment are organized. In the previous sessions, talks on “Small Wonders in Nature” by Mr. Yuwaraj Gurjar, on 13th June 2015, “Snakes around Mumbai” by Mr. Avinash Bhagat on 14th March 2015, “Coastal Biodiversity” by Dr. Deepak Apte on 14thFebruary 2015, ”Songs of Birds ” by Dr. Sasikumar Menon, on 22nd November 2014, “Threatened Birds of Maharashtra” by Mr. Raju Kasambe on 13th December 2014 and “Biodiversity in Urban areas” by Mr. Makarand Joshi on 31st January 2015 were held at the same venue.

All lectures in these series are kept free of cost. For more information about this please contact us on 022-25337672.