ID of Magnolia sp.-PC-22.07.2015-Wetter(Ruhr),Germany-03 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Please identify the Magnolia sp. from the house I was staying. It is a shrub-8 year old and for the first time it flowered. It is white in colour, mildly fragrant. Flower size is 7-9” across.

It looks like Magnolia grandiflora from the USA. It’s one of the evergreen magnolias and can have a slightly fruity fragrance to the flowers.

Thanks for ID … But Magnolia grandifloras have bigger leaves, flowers are appx. 12” in size and more fragrant than the one in question. Though the back of the leave has the character of M. grandiflora. This one though an eight year old tree-still bushy, smaller leaves and mild fragrance. 

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