Firmiana fulgens (Wall. ex Mast.) K.Schum., Nat. Pflanzenfam. 3(6): 97 1893. (syn: Erythropsis fulgens (Mast.) Ridl.; Erythropsis pallens (Wall. ex King) Ridl.; Firmiana pallens (Wall. ex King) Stearn) as per The Plant List Ver.1.1;
Firmiana pallens (Ridl.) Stearn (syn: Clompanus fulgens (Wall. ex Mast.) Kuntze; Erythropsis fulgens (Wall. ex Mast.) Ridl.; Erythropsis pallens (Wall. ex King) Ridl.; Firmiana fulgens (Wall. ex Mast.) Corner (ambiguous synonym); Firmiana fulgens (Wall. ex Mast.) Schum. (ambiguous synonym); Sterculia fulgens Wall.; Sterculia laxiflora Rusby; Sterculia pallens Wall. ex Hochr.; Sterculia wallichii Falconer ex Brandis) as per Catalogue of Life;   
India: North Western. Himalaya. Jammu & Kashmir (Jammu) and uttar Pradesh (Garhwal, Mussoorie, Rajpur); Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia (Java) (as per BSI Flora of India); 




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Sending you pictures of Firmiana pallens. I only have pictures of flowers.

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These distant shots of a tree were taken in Chakrata area, flowers were borne in terminal clusters, no leaves were seen.. I do not have any more pics, as this was inaccessible..
Can this be any Firmiana sp. or any other genus? 

Thanks, … May I request you to pl. post the original picture

Probably Firmiana fulgens.

Thanks … Here is the full resolution picture, if this can help.. I feel this is only slightly better, due to being distant shot.. Attachments (1)- 5 Mb.

Pl. see Firmiana fulgens on BSI Flora of India:
Keys at

Firmiana fulgens to me.

Thanks a lot … for reconfirmation, thanks … for taking care…

I take this as Firmiana fulgens..

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