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Please help me in identifying the fern images attached herewith.
Am not sure if the images are sufficient for a firm ID. But i guess identification is possible to genus level.
Photographed on : 11th August 2015
Place: Talegaon Maharashtra

It’s a Thelypteris of subgen. Cyclosorus, section Christella, in the T. dentata group.  To identify it more precisely (T. dentata, or T. meeboldii are the two choices) I’d need to know if the rhizome was thick-horizontal and rather shortish (1 ft.), with the fronds together at the apex (dentata), or thin, long creeping with fronds well apart (meeboldii).

And to confirm that, how many veins anastomose beneath the sinus between pinna-lobes (sori prevent one seeing that), approx. 1 and a half pairs in dentata, 2 or more in meeboldii.
Plus hairs on the undersurface of the pinna-costa – very tiny, almost smooth in meeboldii, quite a few and a bit longer in dentata (with lens).
Oh, and for all Thelypteris we need to see the base of the lamina – the apex is less useful!




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