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In Hyderabad on 7/2/09.

… not sure, I am wondering whether it is some Sida sp.. 

I think I have the same plant (found at Awas beach near Alibag).

… for more views, check previous / next.

Ya spotless Grass Yellow on Sida rhmboidifolia 

shall we made Change as Spotless Sida Yellow!!!!!!!!!!

I think … mean it to be Sida rhombifolia (Lal Berala) as per the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sida_rhombifolia

 … can we have one more validation please ?

I do not see it as S. rhombifolia.

I feel it having lot of spiny(?) hairs all around?

This is Abutilon indicum if this is an erected shrub upto 1.5 Mt. hight.

It was a small prostrate herb.

This may Sida cordifolia.

No sir Sida cordifolia antirely different plant. This is certainlly Abutilon spps.

This is Abutilon indicum, Country Mallow. Sonepat, 5th April 09.
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Thanks, … On further checking with images taken on 21/1/09, which I am attaching here, I now seem to agree with … Id of Abutilon indicum. Picture taken on 7/2/09 may be from an area, where these weeds have been cut earlier, but some portions may have survived (thus appearing as a small herb to me from picture).

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From these photographs your plant looks like Abutilon hirtum.

Do you mean Abutilon hirtum for my original posted picture with Spotless Grass Yellow (Eurema laeta) or for pictures posted yesterday by me or both? After going through the following links, I think you mean for both.
Here are links for Abutilon hirtum:
image1image2, image &  http://botany.cs.tamu.edu/FLORA/perdeck/sri_035.jpg & http://www.parks.org.il/BuildaGate5/portals/parks/imagesP/sub21/213709609-L-avutilon.jpg (a pix each), http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=5&taxon_id=200013674 (desc. FOP),

The picture posted on 6th April is Abutilon hirtum, I am not very sure for your original picture with Spotless Grass Yellow (Eurema laeta). To me it looks like some Sida speceis, but for clear ID  the detail photographs of Leaves, Fruits and the habit of the plant etc are required..

Thanks, … I only have that photo- so can’t myself further.

Can you please upload the original or higher resolution copy of  “Abutilon indicum is it I IMG_5261.jpg” in this thread or in a new thread?

Attaching the original unprocessed image as requested.

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Thanks a lot … Based of FBI & FI I think it is Abutilon pannosum (G.Forst.) Schlect.

But –
As per the BSI key your species is –
  • neither A. hirtum (Lam.) Sweet  = corolla orange-yellow with a purple centre
  • nor A. pannosum (G.Forst.) Schlect. = corolla yellow with deep brown centre
At the same time I do not think your species is A. bidentatum or A. indicum !!!

I am really sorry that I am unable to identify it using BSI key found in the link above.

I have found another BSI URL, Garg Sir, – https://bsi.gov.in/page/en/flora-of-india. But couldn’t figure out how much it would help us!

I do not know why the BSI site link isn’t working! However, I would take this species as Abutilon pannosum, as in KEW archive – http://powo.science.kew.org/taxon/urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:1131570-2

BSI site was hardly up for one or two years. After that it went down and never came up again.

I have found another BSI URL, Garg Sir, – https://bsi.gov.in/page/en/flora-of-india. But couldn’t figure out how much it would help us!

It only lists a few pages from each and species do not appear in google search.

Yes, Sir

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