Lauraceae for ID (Lindera?) : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Late Mithilesh Kumar Pathak gave me so many photographs from Arunachal Pradesh. Here in one Lauraceae. Identity at least up to the generic level will be of great help. This is supposed Lindera.

This is also not matching with any species of Lindera so far known to occur in India. The collections of M. K. Pathak from Arunachal Pradesh, Dibang district are without herbarium labels due to his premature demise.  It may be an unrecorded or undescribed species but we can not say with certainty under this situation.

Lindera species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)