Clintonia udensis Trautv. & C.A.Mey., Fl. Ochot. 92 1856. (syn: Clintonia udensis var. udensis ; Hylocharis cyanocarpa Tiling);

Common name: Bead Lily

Images by D.S.Rawat


Clintonia udensis is a perennial herb spreading by means of underground rhizomes, forming colonies on the floors of temperate forests. It has 3-5 egg-shaped to elliptical leaves, each up to 25 cm long. Raceme has up to 10 flowers, white or occasionally pale blue. Berries are dark blue, almost black, up to 12 mm across.[3][4]

(from Wikipedia on 24.8.15)

Clintonia udensis Trautv. & C.A.Mey. (Liliaceae) photographed in Sunderdhunga valley (Flowers) and Khalya near Munsyari in Uttarakhand.
This is new genus and species for eFI.