Lily for ID PLEASE Garden Plant UD 002 :: 2013: This just opened today. The flower is approximately 3 and a half inches tall, about 4 inches as it first opened.
Stem is 18 inches tall with the flowers at the top .
Leaves are 1 to 2 inches long, 1/3rd inches to a ½ inch wide, somewhat thick, dark green . 
Most interesting are these roots on the stem…

Please check for Asiatic Lily, Lilium asiatica

Thank you
I gathered as much from googling images but does it not have a special cultivar name?
for this color and form… stamens and pistil are the same size etc
seem distinct from the classical l. asiatica
though only in pictures…

Don’t know if your search result also included this page on hybrid lilies, it has some info, but it doesn’t give you cultivar names.

thank you. I found it to be very interesting reading.
I have been reading these Cornell pages : http://www.flowerbulbs.cornell.edu/forcing/pot_lilies.htm
Mine is an asiatic lily (with stem roots) with upward facing flowers and an unusual color
with Pink/red/magenta with slight bluish undertones, pic 3 is more or less true color, (a little less intense in pic than appears to the eyes)…. 
cultivar name is what I am after…
I have found the lady in UK who is considered the best in the business for a long time, I have written to her
and will let you all know what she says

Thank you …, yesterday my search result yielded a cultivar, “pink pixie”, but not quite the type you have. The flower photographs were really beautiful, i felt i could touch it.

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