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Growing beneath a rock along with ferns. The nearest tree was oak. Please advise.
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
14 August 2015

don’t know the name

but a good candidate for the spore print i guess

Yes, … I will try and find the mushroom today but like I said I had prepared this and other mails before learning of spore prints. Many of the previous mushrooms are no longer there on the slopes. Hopefully this one is.
Once I collect the mushroom do I need to put the cap on a white paper immediately or could I wait for some time till I reach home?

i think (as I remember..) its right away, because otherwise the spores coating dries out and they fall off… (spores have a muco-polysaccharides coat that allows them to stick )

if you can put them upside down with the stem attached in a plastic bowl on a wet tissue, I am sure they ‘ll survive the short trip back to the house.

Try it

My first attempt was an unmitigated disaster and here are the results. I think the mushroom was too wet and infected with crawlies. I left it on a tissue overnight and this was what I found in the morning.

throw it, pronto

bacteria and other fungi have digested it

try again on a non rainy day

tissue is preferred to be flat not waffled as in you case

in India people call dinner napkin tissue


tissue is the smooth soft paper you blow your nose into.

sorry,  these procedures were developed and described in america, americans call the soft facial tissue …tissue.

that’s what you need or filter paper does well

or thin xerox paper that’s not very expensive and or bleached or coated with plasticiser

Thank you … You are right, I think we need to start with a dry mushroom first (unfortunately they only come around the monsoon). I will use a plain white sheet the next time I get the opportunity.

It looks like a Bolete.