Plant for ID-PC-31-25.08.2015 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
please Identify the plant in this Picture.

From Warshaw, Poland.

the first two look loke Calla (Bog Arum, Marsh Calla, Wild Calla) though not quite sure. the third one is not the same as the first two, i suppose.

All the snaps are of the same plant.

Looks like Aglaonema sps.

Looking like variegated variety of Spathiphyllum
Variegated leaf varieties for either S. wallisii or other Spathiphyllum species.

Some sort of cultivated Araceae, maybe Spathiphyllum

This is a peace lily http://wp.me/p2v2jN-Z7one with variegated leaves.

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