Cultivated garden flowers seen on 1/10/14 in San Francisco.
Aster Species?

Leucanthemum maximum I hope

Thanks for this id as well.

Is this a new Cultivar?

In my search, I came across only white flowers.

may be Google was acting up when you searched
today is behaving may be…
i just now found this page
and its Google search by highlighting …. writing and the images at the top of the page are all white…
and this Wiki says it grows in the wild…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leucanthemum_maximum
and the picture they show is white

no wonder it sort of reminded of some wild stuff i had seen…
in searching for … parents a couple of years ago is when I had run into this

during // looking for Luther Burbank’s adventures  a couple of years ago..

but without detailed measurement and leaves etc and branching pattern where the wild mums of this sp. makes one flower at the end of the branch ??

You are good at searching a lot of info and that too very quickly.

i only searched because you asked if it was a cultivar…. when … mentioned the name of a wild one…
i meant to say
you were right… mostly white and a rare yellow shows up

the acting up Google comment was for another email…unrelated… sorry typed it together…

I can’t find any images in this color on searching for your suggested id Leucanthemum maximum.

Can you kindly look again and verify?

…, you may try Brachyscome meantime. Though the genus is mostly endemic to Australia it is cultivated in US as well and may have hybrids.

Thanks a lot … I seem to have missed his post.

Will check further on Brachyscome.

Brachyscome multifida seems to be more like my posted flowers.

Yes …, it looks similar, specially for multifid leaves in bottom-left of the thrid pic?

Thanks for pointing out.
Probably the following looks closer…… Brachyscome ‘Enduring Blue’ http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/185939/#b

Thanks …, looks similar, but I am not sure, better we should wait for …

Agree with Brachycome {…) and B. multifida (…)

Good Heavens! Sir, I don’t know how I ever came across such a genus name!

However, it is surprising that we have its member in our country too, in Assam! Please, check –

I don’t know what would be the id of Aarti ji’s plant, some information can be accessed at –Missouri Bot. Garden

Thanks for forwarding my earlier post from California and resolving the id.

I hope you have checked Brachyscome ‘Enduring Blue’ suggested by me earlier?