Tradescantia zanonia (L.) Sw., Prodr. Veg. Ind. Occ. 57 1788. (syn: Campelia bibracteata (J.Cramer) Wied-Neuw.; Campelia boucheana Schult. & Schult.f.; Campelia fastigiata Schltdl.; Campelia fendleri Hassk.; Campelia glabrata Kunth; Campelia hoffmannii Hassk.; Campelia mexicana Mart. ex Kunth; Campelia pseudozanonia Kunth; Campelia scandens Hassk.; Campelia zanonia (L.) Kunth ..; Commelina zanonia L.; Dichorisandra albomarginata Linden .; Dichorisandra marginata Schltdl.; Gonatandra tradescantioides Schltdl.; Sarcoperis bibracteata (J.Cramer) Raf.; Stickmannia albomarginata (Linden) Kuntze; Tradescantia capitata Vell.; Tradescantia capitata Vell.; Tradescantia capitata Sessé & Moc. [Illegitimate]; Tradescantia gentianifolia Salisb.; Tradescantia gonatandra Schltdl.; Zanonia bibracteata J.Cramer);

Images by Promila Chaturvedi – Id by Varun 


Plant for ID-PC-24-22.08.2015 : 14 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7)
please identify a dwarf plant from Warsaw.

I think this is Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Variegata’

Thanks … for ID. It is tradescantia wandering jew. One day I saw it’s flowers and it created confusion.

thanks for the suggestion, but it is not a trailing plant  it is erect plant and old wood is like Dracaena.

Costus sp

Looks like Costus Species to me but the flower is confusing.

Thanks … You may be correct and it could a Costus sp.

It may be Costus arabicus variegatus. … I am uncertain because of its flower.

Leaves with closed sheaths, so this is a member of Commelinaceae.
Very close and should be a variegated variety of Tradescantia zanonia (L.) Sw. (Mexican Flag)
Plant is erect and leaves are larger than T. fluminesis and no rooting at nodes and even internodes are variegated as in images (in T. fluminensissprawling to decumbent plants rooting at nodes, leaves lanceolate-elliptic to ovate-lanceolate, to 5 x 2 cm.).

The plant is not Costus species. The flowers and  nature of leaves are quite different. This is Tradescantia sps.  I fully agree with the ID by …: Tradescantia zanonia

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