The Moody Monsoon has  packed its bag of rain clouds and moved on…….sensing the mood all around them…..checking the level of moisture in the air & earth……Ephemerals  have  sensed that the timing is right to commence flowering……It’s a bloom time in Silonda…..Wild Til (Sesamum orientale),  Glory Lily (Gloriosa superba), Sensitive Smithia, Undhuphul (Trichodesma indicum), Silky Elephant Glory (Argyreia nervosa), Murud Seng (Helicteres isora) all are flowering profusely and enticing, luring birds & bees to them…….  So while the weather is still cool, we invite all of you to come and watch this fabulous fashion parade with us on Sunday, 13th September…..

The 65th walk is on Sunday 13th September,15               

 Venue: Silonda Trail, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

Time:  7.30

Duration of walk:  2 hours

Meeting Point: at NIC centre, from the ticket window its about 5 mints Walk. 

Please buy your ticket which is Rs.45/- per head. Car ticket is approximately Rs 110.

Also note we have to pay Rs 75/- to forest department for entering the Silonda trail and Rs 10 for the forest guide. Please  pay the said money to your group leader and kindly bring exact change so we do not waste time].  

Most Important:

1. Registration for our this, 13th September , Sundya’s Tree Appreciation Walk, is  compulsory. There are changes in their official  system of giving permission for the visit to restricted area of SGNP. 

We request whoever is planning to join us for this Sunday walk, please register your name with us. Once you buy your ticket at the entrance, please meet us at the NIC (Nature Information Center) which is just 5 minutes walk from the main gate. After you meet us at the gate we will collect money which is Rs.75/-/- per head and take the permission from NIC. 

From NIC to Silonda trail is 1 km, you have to have your vehicle or take a private taxi which are available there.We will guide you about it. 

We will wait at NIC till 7.45 am and then move to Malad Trail…….please reach NIC by 7.45 am. 

You may call me if any information/assistant required at my phone no 9869429032. Once we leave NIC, you may not get the phone signal so will not be able to get in touch with me. 

Sorry for all these inconveniences……these are not of our making 😕…in spite of all these obstacles, Malad trail is a heaven on earth, as I said there may be possibilities of meeting God… 

Very Important : Please Don’t be late, specially those who are coming for the 1st time for the trail in the park & not familiar with the area….there will be other groups also for their walks and it will be very difficult to locate us once we leave for Silonda trail. Also the queue for tickets will be very long so do come early. 

And as you all are aware that in forest we have to follow certain Do’s & Don’ts……..Here are some…. 

a)     Please wear dull cloths only……preferably dark green, brown, black. 

b)    No plastics bags or wrappers…..carry food or snacks in boxes which you carry back home. 

c)   Carry Odomos or any mosquito repellent, drinking water. 

f)    Have proper  rain wear & good rainy shoes. 

g]  Stay with the group. 

h] Each one responsible for their own safety . 

I] Take nothing from nature.

    Leave nothing behind except your footprints.

   Take lots of pictures and memories. 

Park gate opens at 7.30 am. 

List of the trees which we are planning to show will be send later. 

Hope to see you all, 


TAW Team