Lloydia himalensis Royle, Ill. Bot. Himal. Mts. 388, t. 93, f. 2 1839.;

Himalaya (as per WCSP);

Images by Saroj Kumar Kasaju (Id help by D S Rawat & Surajit Koley) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links) 



Liliaceae : Lloydia longiscapa Hook. ??? : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)

For validation please.
Date: 26 Jul, 2014
Location: Dolakha, Nepal
Altitude : 12500 ft

Lloydia serotina to me. L. longiscapa has dark brown spot at the base of petals inside which is not visible here.

A reply from another thread:
“………………. The plant in the thread looks different and probably at that time I did not considered L.himalensis as a possibility. Yes it looks to have longer style. If we rely on this character it goes to L.himalensis.”

Nepal has more Lloydia spp. http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=110&taxon_id=118768. Without KEY and description along with detail on the submitted specimen it is impossible to id this specimen.
One interesting aspect is that while FoN and FoP think L. longiscapa Hook. is present in China, the China flora doesn’t think so, check the end note of – 

The key in FoP and FoC clearly state that detail on presence or absence of hairs on filaments and tepals are essential to start with genus. This detail is not found in this thread.
However, stamen to style length ratio suggests this specimen is unlikely to be L. longiscapa Hook. Of-course it’s guess only, based on DSC_1141.jpg, one should not rely identifying based on a single flower or that of a single specimen.

Lloydia himalensis is found mention in POWO, BHL and IPNI, all 3 interrelated but could not find in any other links.


POWO  The Plant List Ver.1.1
 WCSP  IPNI  BSI Flora of India  Flora of Pakistan (Lloydia serotina (L.) Rchb.) Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Lloydia serotina (L.) Rchb.) India Biodiversity Portal