Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week :: Statistics : I have compiled the species discussed and displayed during the family week :: Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week
We discuussed 45 Impatiens sp.; …

Please refer to the attached Excel sheet. I have made separate sheets in the file according to families.

Impatiens acaulis
Impatiens aliciae
Impatiens badrinathii  
Impatiens balsamina
Impatiens brachycentra
Impatiens chinensis
Impatiens clavicornu Turez.
Impatiens cordata
Impatiens dalzelli
Impatiens dasysperma
Impatiens devendrae 
Impatiens diversifolia
Impatiens dolichoceras
Impatiens edgeworthii Hook. f.
Impatiens glandulifera Royle
Impatiens goughii
Impatiens grandis
Impatiens hawkeri
Impatiens helslowiana
Impatiens herbicola
Impatiens I. racemosa DC.
Impatiens inconspicua
Impatiens lawii
Impatiens leggie
Impatiens leschenaultii (DC.) Wall. 
Impatiens maculata
Impatiens mengtszeana  
Impatiens minor (DC.) Bennet
Impatiens mullaingiriensis 
Impatiens oppositifolia
Impatiens parasitica
Impatiens pulcherrima
Impatiens pulcherrima
Impatiens racemulosa
Impatiens rosea
Impatiens scabrida DC.
Impatiens scapiflora
Impatiens sulcata Wall.
Impatiens tangachee
Impatiens thomsonii
Impatiens thomsonii Hook.
Impatiens tomentosa
Impatiens verticillata


Impatiens wightiana


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