IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened and Lower Risk/Near Threatened (NT)

jacquemontii Hook.f., The flora of British India (Rosaceae); 1878 314 1878. (syn: Cerasus jacquemontii (Hook. fil.) Boiss.);

Afghanistan (Badakshan, Bamyan, Ghorat, Herat, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Paktia /
Khost, Parwan), Pakistan (Baluchistan, Kurram, Chitral, Swat, Hazara), Pakistani
Kashmir (Astor), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Prunus jacquemontii, sometimes called Afghan cherry, Afghan bush cherry, Afghan dwarf cherry, or flowering almond, a name shared with Prunus triloba, is shrub which originates from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Tibet.[1][2][3]

It has slender leaves that are ellipitical or obovate. The flowers are pink and grow in clusters of 2-3 blossoms with short petals.[4][5]
(From Wikipedia on 19.9.15)

Below is the picture of Prunus jaquemontii, a small tree, recorded from Lahaul valley.

Thanks for showing this species. I hope a transhimalayan element. Known to occur in Uttarakhand also but never seen by me.


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