Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week :: Statistics I have compiled the species discussed and displayed during the family week :: Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week
We discuussed … 17 Geraniums (Named ones); 8 Pelargoniums (Named ones); 2 Erodiums; 1 Monsonia; …
Please refer to the attached Excel sheet. I have made separate sheets in the file according to families.

Geranium   Pelargonium   Monsonia   Erodium
Geranium collinum Stephan ex Willd. Pelargonium  Cordifolium Monsonia senegalensis Erodium cicutarium 
Geranium himalayens Pelargonium  Ginger Erodium moschatum
Geranium incanum Pelargonium  graveolens L’Hér.
Geranium lambertii  Pelargonium  Marie Thomas
Geranium lucidum Pelargonium  tomentosum
Geranium mascatens Pelargonium  x domesticum
Geranium molle Pelargonium  x grandiflorium
Geranium nepalense Sweet Pelargonium  x hortorum
Geranium ocellatum 8 1 2
Geranium pratense L.
Geranium pusillum
Geranium rectum
Geranium Richardson
Geranium robertianum L.
Geranium rotundifolium
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium wallichianum


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