Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week :: Statistics : I have compiled the species discussed and displayed during the family week :: Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week
We discuussed … … 2 Averrhoas; 11 Oxalis and 9 Biophytum sp.
Please refer to the attached Excel sheet. I have made separate sheets in the file according to families.

Averrhoa   Oxalis   Biophytum  
Averrhoa carambola Oxalis  corniculata L. Biophytum  reinwardtii (Zucc.) Klotzsch
Averrhoa bilimbi Oxalis  acetosella Biophytum   nervifolium Thwaites
Oxalis  corniculata L. Biophytum   sensitivum (L.) DC
Oxalis  corymbosa  Biophytum  hermanii
Oxalis  debilis var.corymbosa Biophytum  longibracteatum, 
Oxalis  intermedia Biophytum  nervifolium var assamicum
Oxalis  latifolia Biophytum  nervifolium,  
Oxalis  pes-caprae L Biophytum  poterioides, 
2 Oxalis  Purpurea Biophytum  veldkampii,
Oxalis  Spiralis 9
Oxalis  triangularis A. St.Hil.


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