Rosa roxburghii Tratt., Rosac. monogr. 2:233. 1823 (syn: Juzepczukia microphylla (Roxb. ex Lindl.) Chrshan. (unresolved); Juzepczukia roxburghii (Tratt.) Chrshan. (unresolved); Platyrhodon macrophyllum (Roxb. ex Lindl.) Hurst [Spelling variant]; Platyrhodon microphyllum (Roxb. ex Lindl.) Hurst; Rosa forrestii Focke; Rosa microphylla Roxb. ex Lindl.; Rosa microphylla var. glabra Regel; Rosa roxburghii f. esetosa T. C. Ku; Rosa roxbourgii Tratt. [Spelling variant]; Rosa roxburghii f. normalis Rehd. & E. H. Wilson; Saintpierrea microphylla (Roxb. ex Lindl.) Germ.); 
China (Anhui, Fujian, S-Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi,
S-Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang), Tibet, Japan, Mexico (I), Hispaniola (I),
Sikkim (I), India (Darjeeling)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Rosa roxburghii Tratt., Rosac. monogr. 2:233. 1823
Asian species cultivated in UCBG, California. The edible fruit are very rich in vitamins and have a sweet, sour taste; they are used medicinally and to ferment wine. 

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