Mangifera indica ?;


Tree for ID-PC-41-26.09.2015 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

please identify this tree. It is growing inside the Lodi Garden, near gate No.3, New Delhi.

Looks like mango tree in full bloom to me. In Delhi, mango trees flower in March.



Request for ID of tree – 290412SC1:Posting a photo of tree for Id.
Date/Time – 17.04.2012 / 08.30 a.m

Location – Place – Gibbon Sanctuary,Eastern Assam
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild

i think this is  Limonia acidissima

Please reconsider, … It doesn’t look like Limonia acidissima to me.
Few close-up shots should help…

What made you think of that ID. I doubt.

because of red leaves & leaf structure,dark green color and tree canopy

By any chance is this a tree of “Alta”-( आळता) used as a mehendi by bengali brides? Someone their mentioned so.

it seems to Mangifera indica


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